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Introducing Projects

With Projects, you can now securely collaborate with your team. Easily invite other users from the workspace to your project, manage their roles & permissions, and more.

Accessing your current work

All your current datasets and folders will move under a default Project. If you are logged in as (say) Jake, your data will move to a project named Jake_project. It will be reflected under the Projects section in the side panel.

Accessing your current work on side panel

Creating a new project

You can create a project by clicking on the “+” button next to “Projects” on the side panel.

Guide to sharing & permissions

To invite team members to your project,

  1. Click on the Share button

  2. Select Workspace members you want to share the Project with

  3. Assign to them one of these roles:

    • Editor: A project editor has permissions to access, analyze and manage data in the project. An editor can import data from existing connections, create datasets, set up and manage the pipeline. Editors cannot manage the project or create new third-party import connections. However a project editor has no restrictions on creating a new project.
    • Admin: In addition to editor permissions, admins can manage project members, create new third-party import connections, and manage the project settings. When you create a project, you become its admin by default.