Branch out to Project

This function allows data transfer between projects. You can send data from a View to a different project in the same workspace.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the View and navigate to the Combine menu

  2. Select Branch out to Project

  3. Select a project from the list

  4. Verify the column mappings

  5. Click APPLY.

Supported options

  1. Dataset Name: Enter a name for the resultant Dataset.

  2. In Project: Choose a project from the drop down list of projects. You will only see projects that are available to you, that is, those where you have admin or editor rights.

  3. And send: Add conditions to filter rows before sending or send all rows.

Managing task

Once the rule is applied, it appears in the data pipeline. You can manage the Task with the following options:

  1. Data Sync: Lets you enable or disable the data flow between the View and the Project. Learn more about Data Sync here.

  2. Delete: Deletes the Branch out to Project Task from the pipeline and linked datasets from the destination projects as well.

delete task confirmation

Fig. 127 Deleting Branch out to Project Task

  1. Suspend/Restore: Suspends and Restores the Task.

  2. Copy: Copies the Task.

  3. Run Now: Syncs pending data updates to the branched out dataset.