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Mammoth workspaces are shared spaces amongst workspace members that enables collaboration across different projects in a workspace.

Here's how you can manage projects, storage, users, tokens, and billing in a Workspace.

Manage Storage

You can view and manage storage usage for every workspace from the workspace management page.

To manage storage in a workspace,

  • Go to workspace settings
  • Click on the 'Manage storage' button

It will take you to the dataset-wise storage distribution on the same page. You can delete the assets you no longer need to free up space in your Workspace. Alternatively, you can always buy more storage.

Manage Projects

You can view and manage all projects in a Workspace.

To view all projects in a Workspace,

  • Go to workspace settings
  • Scroll down to the 'Projects' section

This section allows you to add, remove, rename, leave, and delete a project. You can also view or manage users in a project.

Manage Users

You can invite, view, or remove users in a Workspace.

  • Go to workspace settings
  • Scroll down to the 'Users' section

You will see the complete list of users in a Workspace. Switch Workspaces from the left panel to view users in different Workspaces.

See User Management to learn how to add, remove, or assign roles to users.

Also see, roles and permissions to understand different roles in Mammoth.

Manage Tokens

You can create and manage API tokens in a Workspace.

  • Go to workspace settings
  • Scroll down to the 'API Tokens' section

You will see all the API tokens created for that Workspace.

See API tokens to learn how tokens work and how to create one.

Switch workspaces

  • A user can be a member of multiple workspaces.
  • The workspaces of a user are listed in the workspace menu.
  • The first item in the menu is the current workspace and email address of the user. Following this is a list of workspaces that user has.
  • In the list of workspaces, the current workspace is visible but not highlighted. However, other workspaces are highlighted and the user can click on them to switch to a particular workspace.