Publish as a Report

The Publish as a report feature allows you to give your team members a sneak peek into your analysis. With this feature, you can share your progress, insights, and metrics with your team. Though it’s a read-only report, it is interactive. Your team can explore the data and add temporary filters to the shared report.

Published report

An example of a published report

To share your report:

  • Navigate to the View you want to share

  • Go to “Export and Share”

  • Select “Publish View” option

  • Enter a new report name or keep the default

published report options

Publish Report options

  • Invite your team members and add an optional message for them

  • Toggle “Auto-Sync” button to update the report automatically with every change

  • Click Apply.

Once you publish your View, it gets recorded in the Pipeline as well.

published report in pipeline

Publish Report in the Pipeline


  1. Report Name: Enables renaming of the report.

  2. Invite others to view (read-only): This is drop-down list of all the team members in your account.

  3. Message: To add an optional message for the invited users.

  4. Auto-Publish: Syncs the published report with new data and Pipeline changes, automatically.

  5. Edit: Allows for editing the Report name and Users.

  6. Republish: Updates the report with new data & Pipeline changes on manual push.

Access published reports

You can access the report from within the respective View or from the “Reports” in Data Library.

published report in pipeline

Accessing reports with the Reports section

To access published reports or reports shared with you,

  • Go to the “Reports” section in the Data Library.

  • Click on the report you want to see.

  • Explore data and add filters.


  1. Export Card filters are not retained in the reports. Make sure to convert them to Tasks before publishing the report.

  2. Viewers can only add temporary filters and explore cards to reports shared with them. Reports go back to their original state on refresh.

Export Reports

You can download your reports as a .csv or an .xlsx file.

To download a report,

  1. Go to Reports > Export & Share and

  2. Simply select the file format.

download reports

Downloading reports as CSV and XLSX files