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Publish as a Database (DB)

The Publish as a DB function lets you publish your View as a table on Mammoth managed database server. This function eliminates the need of having a dedicated self-hosted database to host your transformed data.


You can publish your current View with just a click. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Exports and Share
  2. Select "Export to database" then "Mammoth managed databse"
  3. Enter a new table name or keep the default
  4. Click apply.

The system only allows unique table names. You will get a prompt to choose a different table name if the database already has a table with the same name.

Once your View is published on the server, you will receive credentials to access the published database.

Further, Publish as a Database will also be recorded as a task at the end of the Data Pipeline.

Supported Options

  • Show credentials: This displays credentials to access the published table.
  • Regenerate password: Generates a new password. Make sure to re-authenticate connected applications once you do this.
  • Run now: This option syncs all Pipeline modifications to the published table.
  • Delete: This removes the Publish as a DB task from the Data Pipeline as well as the table from the database server.
  1. There can be only one Publish to DB in a view.
  2. Users have read-only access to the database and the tables.
  3. Mammoth maintains a table named reference_table in the same database. Mammoth maintains a list of all published views and tables in this. Use this for quick reference of all published views.
  4. For each user, there exists a unique database.