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Roles and Permissions

Mammoth supports different roles at the Workspace and Project level to help control access data in these spaces.


Workspace roles include:

  1. Owner/Admin: A workspace admin can

    • view and manage members in a Workspace
    • change user roles and access rights
    • view and update the billing details.
  2. Member: Workspace members can collaborate on shared projects or can create new projects.


Project roles include:

  1. Admin: A project admin can create, rename, share, or delete a project. Project admins can also create connections to third-party connectors. When you create a project, you become the admin of the Project by default.
  2. Editor: A project editor has permissions to access and analyze data in a project. An editor can NOT rename, share, or delete a project. He can leave a project though. Editors cannot create connections to third-party integrations. They can however, always import data from connections already created by Project admins.