SharePoint is an industry-leading document management and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. It’s basically an intranet and content management system that is used for internal purposes to assist with bringing business together including secure document management, collaboration opportunities and much more.

Connecting to SharePoint

Mammoth allows you to connect to your Microsoft account and get the data into Mammoth.

  1. Select API & Databases from the ‘Add Data’ menu and click on Sharepoint.

  2. Click on the new connection and enter the URL for your account. Click on Connect.

    Connecting to SharePoint

    Fig. 48 Insert Sahrepoint’s server URL


    Since SharePoint can have multiple sites in an account, enter the url of the site that contains the documents which you want to add in Mammoth. If you enter the default url, the content in the communication site will appear in Mammoth.

  3. You’ll be redirected to the Microsoft log in window. Enter your account credentials to log in .

    Microsoft log in

    Fig. 49 Log into your Microsoft account

  4. Allow the permissions required for Mammoth to access your documents in Sharepoint.

    Allow permissions

    Fig. 50 Allow permissions

  5. Your account will be added to Mammoth. Select the account and click on Next.

  6. Choose the file which you want to upload and click on Submit.

    Select file

    Fig. 51 Choose the file

Once you click on submit, The file will be added to the desired destination in Mammoth’s Data library.


Mammoth supports the following file types - .csv , .txt , .xls , .xlsx , .zip , .tsv , to be added to the Data Library.