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SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system with the primary function of storing and retrieving data on other software applications.

To export data in a View in Mammoth onto a SQL Server database on a remote server:

  1. Go to Exports and Share > Export to database > Already existing database > SQL Server;
  1. Enter your database credentials - Host, Username, Password, Database, and the Table name;
  2. Tick the checkbox "Keep at the end of the pipeline" to keep the export task at the end of your pipeline. Any task performed will then be added to the Pipeline before the export task;
  3. Tick the checkbox “include hidden columns” to export the hidden columns;
  4. Validate the credentials;
  5. Once it is validated, click on “Apply”.

A table with data from the View will then be created in the remote database. The export will also be recorded as a Task in the pipeline.

  1. Apart from the table name, all other requirements are mandatory. If a table name is not provided, it will be auto-generated and visible in the notification corresponding to the task;
  2. If a table is present in the database with the same name as the table name mentioned in the export task, the existing table will be deleted and a new table will be created with that name;
  3. Ensure you have the write access to the database.