Alerts lets you monitor your data for interesting insights and goals. Mammoth Alerts are based on metrics, and notify you of your Metric goals by email.

Setting up a new Alert

You can create Alerts in the following manner:

  • Create some Metrics that you’re interested in monitoring.

  • Click on the bell icon on the top navigation bar, and create a new alert by clicking on NEW ALERT button.

  • Fill in specifics in the Alerts Dialog box.

  • The alert is created and saved once you enter the details in the form and click SET UP ALERT.


  1. You can create alerts for email addresses that are a part of your Mammoth account.

  2. Alerts are directly linked to the metrics, and they are affected by any changes on the metric. If you are editing a given metric, be sure that this would affect the linked alerts as well. Also, if you’re deleting a metric, the connected alert would be automatically deleted.

Triggering Alerts

All the alerts you have set up are displayed on the left panel on the Alerts Dialog. If you would like to test what your alert looks like, click on the *Run Now* button on the *Alert Summary*. If the condition mentioned on the alert is satisfied, then you would receive an alert on the given email address.

triggering alerts

Fig. 143 Running Alerts

Further, this is how Alerts trigger behave on data and metrics refresh:

  1. All the alerts trigger on pipeline reruns which is triggered by updating data.

  2. Clicking on the run now button on the summary panel in Alerts Dialog triggers the selected alert.

  3. Alerts are not triggered by adding a task, even if there is a change in metric value and if the condition is satisfied.

  4. Alerts are not triggered by modifying the metric expression/value.

  5. Alerts are not triggered by applying filter in explore cards, even if there is a change in metric value.

In all above mentioned scenarios, you receive alerts only if the condition is satisfied.

Adjusting template variables

You can include these variables in the Subject or Message field of the alert email.

  1. metric_title: This is substituted by the title of the linked metric.

  2. alert_name: This is substituted by the current alert name.

  3. metric_value: This is substituted by the value of the metric at the time of firing Alerts.


Subject: {{alert_name}} is triggered!
Message: Current value of {{metric_title}} is {{metric_value}}.

Compiles to

Subject: Alert on Sum of Transactions is triggered!
Message: Current value of Sum of Transactions is 1000.

Editing Alerts

  1. Open the Alerts Dialog by clicking on the bell icon.

  2. Click on the pencil button on the Summary Panel of Alerts Dialog and edit the details you wish to modify.

  3. Click Save to save the changes, or click on the back button you do not wish to save changes.

editing alerts

Fig. 144 Editing Alerts